Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Electronic Cigarette Purchase

You want to make the most out of your electronic cigarette.  With a few little reminders, you can ensure that you are getting the most enjoyment out of you electronic cigarette.

Try different flavors of nicotine.  By having a variety of flavors in your collection, you can ensure prolonged usage of your electronic cigarette.  Maybe you get tired of a particular flavor or you see something that could peak your interest.  Be daring and experiment a little.  If quitting is your goal, aim for something that you may not care for and slowly ease yourself away from the habit.  But if you’re going to hold onto your electronic cigarette for a while, spice it up a bit.  Just be sure you use the proper nicotine for your device as some products may not work with certain electronic cigarettes.

Keep your cartridges filled and extras on hand, especially if you plan to go out for the night or weekend.  Not worrying about going home to make a refill will allow you to enjoy what you’re doing and, when you need to alleviate that craving, you are more than well-prepared to tackle it.  Besides, trying to force one last puff or two out of an empty cartridge will do irreparable harm to the atomizer.

Ensure your electronic cigarette is clean.  Letting liquid from your cartridges seep into the atomizer or spill over onto the battery will only serve to hurt the product.  Be sure to do a regular routine cleaning of your electronic cigarette.

Don’t neglect your battery.  Charge a couple of batteries and have spares on hand so you can enjoy your electronic cigarette for longer periods at a time.  One battery being constantly used will not hold a charge for long after a while.

When using, be sure to take slow and easy puffs of your device.  Three to four puffs, with a few seconds in between each, should be enough to fulfill your craving.  Try to avoid short, hard puffs.  Doing so may not register with your electronic cigarette and will prevent the vapor from being released.

You bought the product to use, so make sure you use it.  It’s easy enough to get caught up with something new and overlook what benefits it can bring you.  You are doing this for your own reasons, whether it is the improvement of your health or just as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.